Leslie Wallington

My 3 Perls
Leslie Wallington Leslie Wallington Leslie Wallington

"Listen and be touched..."

Up and coming new artist, Leslie Wallington's My 3 Perls has a classical instrumental sound combined with poignant, real life lyrics that bring each story to life. She combines her training in classical piano, violin, and bassoon to create fresh songs with classical roots.

As a part-time musician, Leslie strives to keep her work creative and fluid. She is not marketing to any niche or genre, but instead wants to share her  music with any and all who care to listen. Writing from the soul and heart and using her years of real life experience bring tender and touching sounds and words to life.

Leslie has a strong belief in holding gratitude and giving thanks to all of life's abundance. This positivity radiates from the depths of her being and vibrates out to touch all.

Latest Sheet Music
You Had No Time for Love (Vocal Version)
Classical / Contemporary
You Had No Time for Love
Classical / Contemporary
Fire in My Soul
Classical / Romance
Patiently Waiting
Classical / Instrumental
Jar of Dreams
Classical / Instrumental